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About this page

This page contains archived videos that are no longer posted on my YouTube channel.
Due to new youtube copyright system, It's difficult to make it available on my Channel. Because of that, I have to post it on my website instead to avoid copyright strikes and other YouTube related problems. (Which it seems that the copyright are pretty broken and being exploited by many youtube users.)
In this page however, will contains several old videos which were archived & purposely to make it available for everyone. Just well, for old-stuff.

Do you Monetise your videos?

Since 2011, This channel never get any YouTube Partner program. I once wanted to apply the Partner Program but suddenly the rule has changed. So in conclussion, all of the videos were not monetised. The copyrighted-claim video's revenue will be forwarded to copyright Holder's revenue instead. This is why We (and most youtuber) have to avoid this to happen.

How the69bandicoot still survived?

The 'the69bandicoot' YouTube channel is considered almost-dead channel, "free-channel" type (or some sort), which is where I made videos just for... fun & random stuff purposes. I really have no intention to make this channel popular or having some sort monetisation intention. It just channel for anything.

Do you have Twitch or Other streaming platform?

No. Due to my internet being impossible for doing these things.

How do we support your channel?

Well by simply Subscribing to the69bandicoot and consider liking the video you like. but I can't promise what content that you expect. It may be various.
Consider, though, participate on what contents should I make in future, by voting in this post (Important!).
However if you'd like to consider donation, feel free to donate anyway.

This page is still under construction!