Project Leftovers
Garry's Mod Addons Repository
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You can use or improvise to your own. Don't forget to credit me as always! - Some leftover projects that I've made while ago. Mostly they are made for Garry's Mod.

GMod SDK/Workshop Tool

App/SDK Tools
Legacy SDK Tools
Image of GMod SDK/Workshop Tool

This is my very old program that helps manage your Garry's Mod Source SDK mapping with ease (It also includes FrontEnd GUI Workshop Tool). This old program will require Visual Basic 6 RunTime to be installed (Redists are included).
Please note that use at your own risk! This program will not provide any guarantees and is no longer updated/maintained. Use for Legacy purposes only! (though, I'm still using it for Garry's Mod mapping anyway)

Work in Progress

Commissions and Other
Works that currently on progress
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View and track current map commission progress.

Published Addons & Maps

Addon and Maps
Addon and Map creation for Garrys Mod.
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Addons or Maps for Garry's Mod. Uploaded via Steam Workshop.


I do also make some video contents. Mainly includes music creation, random gameplay, drawings, dev-blog, tests, Tutorial?, PSX/Retro and other stuff.

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*) Personal account however may left untouched at this moment.