About my Lua Scripts (Map script Helpers)

Upcoming Maps Development Notice


Starting from 2020, Any upcoming updates or multi-gamemode maps will now include maps helper. This only affect to my specific Maps only.
This mean that the custom script must be included in server addon directory (if you aren't using the workshop version) to prevent any misbehaviours.


What are these?

These are my Experimental codes that help, optimize and deliver map funcionality to be available and also provide some Custom Features, such as: Custom Weapons, Easter Eggs or other Map Event improvements. Because Source Engine maps could often limitted, there might be some external help to improve the map's gameplay behaviour. That's why it's needed.

One of the biggest notice is that from an update changes of the map Prop Hunt: Underwataaa which is now includes "Disguise as FishPool Nearby", which that this can be one done through LUA coding rather than Normal Hammer Map editing. Another helper script example is the Winter Xmas Snowy Eve which provide a different gamemode detection features so maps can be either playable with specific gamemodes.

Please Note: These notice is shown only for any updated & new uploaded maps starting from 2019 versions.

Any Examples?

Why they're so Important?

It's Obvious. It helps the map features & functions to work as intended.
These also avoid common problems that What in normal Prop Hunt: Enhanced Can't do (because some of my maps was made for Prop Hunt gamemodes).

Think of "Underwataaa" Map, normally some weapons can't shoot underwater. With these scripts it will allows you to shoot through underwater. That's Simple.

What happened if I don't include these?

Simply it wont work. Missing map's features is what you GET. People in the server may got confused why the main function is not working. (again from example: Underwataaa with Normal Weapon vs Custom Underwater Weapons.)

Why should I care?

Because this will help me to know How does the Map+LUA will works Plus to improve the Map+LUA Relationship for my future map development. This will also adds several campaign that makes the Prop Hunt to be more Modern.

Would be this counted as Backdoors?

Absolutely NOT. Backdoor is way different than you think. You can check for the lua codes for proof. The noticable behaviour of backdoors can be seen like configuring serverside stuff or tricks any players to join to any other servers. These script helpers wont do anything with that kind behaviour. (See Disclaimer below)

Can I See/Get the (Source) codes?

Sure. But First, Here's how the map structured should like, once you have them extracted:

Image of How it should be when Extracting of LUA and MAPS folder from GMA Workshop

All scripts are Available under my Public Google Drive followed with corresponding map name, in raw BSP filebase name. You should extract to the following folder name and keep it organised.

Helper Script Source Codes ( via Google Drive )

FastDownload (FastDL)

This section is aimed for hosting map with FastDL method only. If you are still using Workshop, you can ignore this section.

My server doesn't support Workshop downloading so I used FastDL. How's about it?

It could be reason why you can't download the workshop if that's the most reasonable meaning. However, If you server truly doesn't support Workshop downloading due to reasons (e.g: Slow downloads, Limitted Bandwidth, Disallow Steam Proccess, Limitted Resource(?), etc) You could use my super simple script which allows the user download the current active map through Workshop instead FastDL: sv_workshop_dl.lua

Last thing to do: Place maps and map helper script to corresponding folders (maps or addons) and also save the sv_workshop_dl.lua script to lua/autorun/server directory, and You're good to go! No need to bzip-ing 'em anymore.

A Disclaimer

For those who have Concerns:

  • These script helpers are safe. There is no sensitive execution done to servers or engines modification or harms the performance degradation or whatsoever. It's a simple script for the map, nothing else.
  • These scripts Never execute or modifying any server variables or configurations.
  • These scripts will only executes when the map is active.
  • There are no use any Console Variables. It's purely using from Garry's Mod Codebase.
  • Some of the scripts may (at least) require few specific Garry's Mod addon or gamemode to work.

If you found anything that may concern you, you may opt-out the scripts.

Term of Use & License

See LICENSE and README in Google Drive link above.


Contact: https://www.wolvindra.net/contact/