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Hello! Let me to Introduce myself. My name is Wolvin, the creator of "Restaurant" Maps for Prop Hunt and any others map that I have made so far.

What this page about? In this page, you can make a donation to support my addon, map creation and other projects. The purpose of these page support is helping my progress to improve and participate for ongoing projects that I'm working on. I've been doing some maps making since 2006, in GoldSrc. Yet, that wasn't that popular and mostly prototypes.

Map making is fun indeed, but it's kinda tiring though. I tried to make map flawlessly, enjoyful and playable for everyone. This is why I do never cease making maps for Prop Hunt, as well as other game modes in Garry's Mod. As well as others I suppose.

I also feeling very appreciated with your generous donation! With the donation you made, That's really helps alot with my projects and thats makes me to stay creative!

My map was known to be played by several popular youtubers.

Projects that I've made so far:

To begin donation, simply select which one method would you like to use. Any value you can support!

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Similar to Ko-Fi or Patreon but in Indonesian version.


Once again, Thank you for your support!

*) The method is now changed from Donation button to due to new respective Paypal's charity terms.
**) Ko-Fi is an alternatie Patreon-like support page. It is currently being managed with my partners.
***) This support page is currently accept Local Banking transaction only and might not accepting international currencies.

Top Donors by Year 2020

Current generous donors this year.

Name Donation Amount Date Donated
GMB $5.00 30/3/2020
GODDY $15.00 22/4/2020
(Anon) $3.00 24/4/2020
Dingleberg $15.00 02/5/2020