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To contact Wolvindra-Vinzuerio, you need access to Discord.
To access, simply copy in the text below to add friend. Be sure to Read the Q&A below before contacting and
make sure you have a Recognizable Steam Profile & Other platforms.

*) Please note due to limitted connection and apps support on mobile, I may not responsive as much at this moment.

Other ways to Contact

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E-mail Contact

For Personal, Bussiness or Commission related use this E-mail contact.

Social Media

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Some frequently asked question before contacting.

Who are you?

Just simply a "wolvin". Non-english guy, A furry or anthro nerd guy, that usually makes stuff like almost anything. Aged xx+ & kind of Free-lance guy, Ex-Computer Service, and probably do some many experiments at project/developments. IT-Guy types but "not as much advanced" like the other IT people. Yes, I also draw too. Make some art and portfolio stuff.

Where are you from?

Coordinate DMS: 0°47'21.4" S, 113°55'16.8" E. Sorry if thing's kinda 'strict' here because I'm kinda hate where I live :)

Why are you a furry?

Complicated story, but at least this can change my future life and how I live. I'm not just other regular people, but at least I'll stay nice with them.

Do you still handle Prop Hunt: Enhanced?

No. I'm retired. ( Twitter Post ), However I hosted static page in case if you guys looking for it. Prop Hunt: Enhanced official Homepage

If you are retired, how about your server and Plugins you made?

Look at my GitHub Repository which I made it open source and feel free to improvise or use.

Do you still making maps?

Yes. However you can support me so I can make more maps or Browse maps here.

Are you up for Job/Affiliate/Garry's Mod Server Affiliate/Commissions?

I'm open for affiliates or such other commissions subject (Maps, Scripting, etc). Please contact to corresponding E-mail address above for bussiness inquery.

I want to share/ask something for you.

Feel free to contact what's up through Discord or Twitter.

Some Q/A may updated occasionally.