Post Date: November 02 2019 - 07:01:05.

Prioritize and Taking a Break

Looks like you've been known, "Where have you've been?"

At this post I'll try to explain what was happening recently, and, by this I declared to step out my development of my Prop Hunt: Enhanced. And so, continuing my 'real' stuff here.

Firstly, you might already know, my previous board is dying. So I went and finding some replacement for it and have to wait within weeks to get my board arrived. Installed it, thus in the process, the board no longer works due to PSU failing which, unreasonable cause of what makes it become fails. House Electricity? probably, since I have mentioned very, very long time ago that my house can often have very bad electricity. So I left with no proper computer again.

So I need to stepped out my development to relieve my stress out and just to make sure i'm 100% healthy in future. By this, I need to avoid any kind of coding and programming for a while to prevent my stress keeping up from this reason. I know many people wanted it back but, you can check out here: that prop hunt is now managed by GFL and Lucas2107. I'm sorry had to say that I'm off the development for now , which this really gives out my stressness while doing the fix, enhancement, and stuff when this PSU dying happened.

I think that's all what gonna say, not going to say all everything here, at least I need to do my real works here such commission and other stuff with, using a shared computer between my friend , which I have to come over to his house every often, as necessary. you know it's quite tiring sometimes.

So that's all btw, hope I can see you in future with PH:E. Not this time, but Later. who knows...

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